Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser (WP100W) White

The Waterpik Ultra water flosser WP-100 is currently an old item— it appeared in 2006, more than Ten Years ago. Yet, it is still among the most preferred items in Waterpik’s range of counter top water flossers. Standing the test of time always speaks a lot for the quality of a product.This is the question we will certainly discover comprehensive in this Waterpik review.

Regardless of its business success, the WP-100 most absolutely isn’t best and also has its problems. You ought to take this into account before dedicating to buy the Waterpik Ultra rather than a more recent Waterpik version like the Aquarius WP-660 & WP-670 (you could review it in our Waterpik Aquarius review).

Waterpik WP-114W (black/clear) vs WP-100 (white/blue):.

The black water flosser with clear water tank is called the Waterpik WP-114W Ultra Designer Black Coutnertop Water Flosser. Every little thing we say concerning the Waterpik WP-100 is true regarding the Waterpik WP-114W as well.Let’s begin with exactly what’s most vital: The Waterpik Ultra water flosser— WP-100, does just what it’s expected to do and does it well.

Using it on a regular basis (you ought to do so at least 1 minute daily) will certainly enhance the health of your gums as well as teeth over time. Waterpik backs this claim with multiple medical researches— in this regard Waterpik is most likely the safest brand to go with. Nevertheless, Waterpik is the brand that created the counter top water flosser.

Obviously, this applies not only for the Ultra water flosser but for the whole Waterpik variety. The Waterpik Ultra (WP-100) is simple to utilize. This, in my viewpoint, is exceptionally crucial for an oral irrigator, since you need to have the ability to make on your own use it everyday. In addition, it has enough showcases to suit the demands of most individuals.

WP-100’s Water Tank:.

The water tank holds 22 ounces (650ml) of water. This coincides quantity as the Waterpik Aquarius (WP-660), yet a bit less than the Waterpik Classic (WP-60). The water runs out after 90 secs of flossing at the greatest stress setup. Some individuals grumble that this is insufficient, yet the minimum recommended flossing session length is 60 seconds. This means that you have 30 seconds of spare time to finish up flossing your teeth or to massage therapy your gums.

WP-100’s Stress:.

It has 10 stress degrees convenient on a stress dial. This makes it very easy to adjust the toughness of the water jet to the exact level that you are comfortable with. The optimal pressure of the Waterpik Ultra is 100 PSI, the same as more recent Waterpik versions.

WP-100’s Lid, Tips & Storage space:.

On top of the storage tank, there is a detachable cover. It is hassle-free since it safeguards the water inside from air-bound dust and also bacteria. In the same time, being removable, it does not hinder when you are loading or cleansing the tank. Inside the cover, there is a substitute tip storage compartment. It holds up to 4 added tips, which is greater than the Waterpik Aquarius. The compartment is created as though the specific substitute suggestions encounter alternative instructions. This suggests that the little bits that get into your mouth don’t touch. This is an excellent attribute, specifically if the entire household is making use of the Waterpik WP-100.

WP-100’s Manage & Hose:.

The deal with and also pipe are Waterpik Ultra’s most significant weak points. You need to keep the water flosser extremely close to the side of the sink so that you don’t draw on it while you are flossing. This is a bit troublesome as well as could obtain annoying with daily use.The deal with attributes a time out switch that quits the water jet while you are pushing down on the button.Lastly, the switch for launching the tip is put in a place on the take care of that your thumb typically mosts likely to while you are utilizing the flosser.

This implies that you could unintentionally launch the tip while you are flossing. Launching the tip while the stress gets on methods that the tip ejects with a bit of pressure and also water sprays in unwanted directions. Having this take place to you usually can come to be very bothersome. Waterpik has solved this layout concern in more recent designs and truthfully, this alone could be a good enough reason to opt for a new Waterpik.